Six thoughts every Leader must accept as Values and Principles

ValuesAs leaders, we must accept the idea that others can make the choice to live silly and foolish, but you owe it to yourself and to the world to live differently with strength and wisdom. Though no one has lived before, there is this general assumption, from leaders especially, that suggest that we all know what life is all about. I see it with young leaders especially in their late 20s and early 30s. They forget as they get older and older, this assumption grows to become a terrible pride that blinds them to the contents of truth and legitimacy, but opens them up to their own boundaries set by their personal preferences, personal opinions, sentiments, and prejudices. We just seem to assume control and balance and govern our short lives with the limited content of our individual experiences.

There are some key thoughts that I believe every leader must accept as values or principles or rules. First thought: As a leader, always remember to appreciate the great people and things in your life. Appreciate those below you, appreciate your peers, but most critically, appreciate the ones God has given you to lead and direct you. A lot of times, we don’t notice the things others do for us until they stop doing them.  Don’t be like that.  It’s small, weak, retrogressive and silly. Go out of your way to show gratitude. People better than you have not had the privilege of enjoying the favour you experience. Be grateful for what you have, who loves you, and who cares for you. You’ll never know how much they mean to you until the day they’re no longer beside you.  Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it to live. 

Secondly, determine the wise voices with the spiritual, emotional, resourceful and professional experience to inspire; guide and pace you. Once that is done, subject every other voice to audit and evaluation. And at times, simply ignore.  Ignore unconstructive, hurtful commentary, but allow guidance and correction from mentors and elders.  You owe it to yourself to judge yourself and accommodate corrections and reproof. But note that no one has the right to judge you. It’s not everyone that can hear your stories that have the maturity and wisdom to feel what you were going through.  You do not have control over what others say; but you do have control over whether or not you allow them to say negative things to you. 

Thirdly, promise yourself to always forgive those who have hurt you and those who will do so in the future. Forgive before the event of hurt. It’s a choice. I forgive people, but that doesn’t mean I trust them.  Forgiveness is an invitation for those who hurt you to earn your trust again. I just don’t have time to hate people who hurt me, because I’m too busy loving people who love me.  The first to apologize is the bravest.  The first to forgive is the strongest.  The first to move forward is the happiest. 

Fourthly, defend your difference. I’ve said again and again that life will not reward you for your similarities with others, but for your difference. Find your authentic self and protect it. And if you’re blessed enough to already know something positive that makes you different from everybody else, don’t change.  Uniqueness is priceless.  In this crazy world that’s trying to make you like everyone else, find the courage to keep being your awesome self.  It takes a lot of courage to stand alone, but it’s worth it. Originality is the key to attention.  We cannot become who we want to be by continuing to do what everyone is doing. Your journey of destiny is yours, it’s your road, and yours alone.  Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. 

Fifthly, wake up every day to thank your God for a good day even before you experience it. Morning gratitude for the day prepares the elements to understand what you are ready for. Appreciate every day of your life. Once you thank God for the day in advance, you receive a positive. If it goes as you want, the good day gave you happiness; even if it doesn’t all go as you want, the bad day gives you experience, and the worst days give you the best lessons.

The sixth is tough for most people. It is the humility of soul to embrace change and enjoy your life as it unfolds. The hardest part about growing is letting go of what you were used to, and moving on with something you’re not.  Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting, and have faith that things will work out.  Laugh at the confusion, live consciously in the moment, and enjoy your life as it unfolds.  Trust me, you might not end up exactly where you intended to go, but eventually you will arrive precisely where you need to be. Interruptions are a critical part of life. No one plans to die, it happens. No one plans to have a headache, it happens. No one plans for traffic, but traffic occurs. Accidents happen…unplanned of course. What is coming will come, it is who we are and how prepared we are that makes the difference. Response is the difference in people. Accept your truth, stay humble and stay sharp! I await your comments here.

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