How are you CREATING the STORY that will CREATE your DESTINY?

Your storiesThe strength, exploits, defeat and downfall of men and women are always in their stories. The strength of our stories is the programs installed inside of us to either propel us into greater heights or prepare us for abyss of life. I have come to know that the nuisance value and relevance of men alike are found in their stories. Over the years, I have learnt that every man is as good as his stories and how much of it he is able to understand, interpret, explore or deactivate for his benefits. Everyone has a story, and the content of that story is the determinant of how they act or don’t act. It’s called programs.

Programs, installed by stories have a life of their own. They have the underrated power to move from the past to form the presence. Programs are created either deliberately or by default to live forever. Permit me to submit that it is impossible to deal with the present without digging into the root of the past. We cannot deal with the future without paying adequate attention to the details of today. Every house is as strong as its foundation. Therefore, adulthood is meaningless except it is interpreted from the stories of childhood. Right there in our childhood lies our entire destiny. Our stories are simply our experiences in life; the most potent of which is in our childhood.

Programs put us in a mode for action and response. Beginning in childhood, we have developed a series of conditioned responses that lead us to react automatically and unthinkingly in almost every situation. Each child is born with no self concept at all. Every thought, feeling, idea, opinion, belief or conviction that you have as an adult has been learned starting in early infancy. There are many also, who live in denial and have presented their lies as their stories. There is another complicated group, who have been lied to by the early or latter custodians of their childhood and even the society at large, and have accepted the lies they have been told as truth of their own stories. That also has become their own story. Whatever the case may be, one sure thing is idea that we have underrated the impact of our individual stories and the programs it has installed and the thinking and behavior it is capable of generating. Your story is your destiny. You need to take a second look at it, put the past in perspective and get intentional in creating the stories of today and tomorrow, because today’s actions create the stories for tomorrow’s thinking and behavior.

I remember a young man, who came to me and complained bitterly about his father. He believed that his father had failed him and was very bitter. My advice to him was very simple. I told him that his father is a product of his stories and the programs installed thereof. I explained to him that he must not underrate how much of his father is already installed in him. I counseled him that instead of being bitter with his father, he should focus his creative and transformation energy on how to undo the programs the stories of his father already installed in him. I made it clear to him that if he continued on the path of bitterness, he would not only be blinded from his real issues, he would discover that few years down the line, he would repeat the exact mistakes of his father, probably in larger proportion.

What in the NOW will you do DIFFERENTLY? Let this thought guide you going forward. Share your comment here. GO!

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  1. Sir, I really appreciate your work. God bless you real good. True, we are all products of what we have allowed ourselves to believe in; whether positive or negative beliefs. The one remedy is this, that man be told what he really is and how much potential he has, as outlined by God – His Manufacturer

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