Do people really die twice? Find out more; as you learn to dare to dream and continue to run

Evil has a Life Span.

Evil has a Life Span.

Last Monday, Nigerians woke up to face a terrible bomb blast at Nyanya, a satellite town bordering the FCT and Nasarawa state. Scores of people were killed and maimed. Sadness, despondency, apathy and fear now fill the air. My heart goes to the families of the so many poor people killed in that act of terror. A bomb in a motor park is a cheap attack by small and cowardly souls who have chosen to express their relevance by attacking the helpless. Over 98% of the masses at a public car park in Nigeria are poor and below average people, and young voices seeking a more meaningful future. Most of them are already so economically defeated, all they live for is to prove to themselves that their daily experience of mental and emotional pain and struggle must have a life span and will one day end as they continue to work hard to define their dignity. They died twice.

Most of these people grew up in very humble backgrounds and have been fighting for relevance almost from the womb. On Monday, they were killed by a terror attack; but before Monday, they have always been under daily terror attacks in their pockets, in their stomachs and in the heads as the socioeconomic and political realities continue to bomb their minds and their pursuits on a daily basis. The attackers of Monday morning have created a great record; they should be in the Guinness Book of Records because they have been able to make scores of people die twice. When poor people die, they die twice. Most of them were walking dead men and women judging by the relevance and resources their individualities deserved but never experienced.

I am looking at their legacy, I am looking at the children and families they have left behind who even when they were alive they couldn’t fully take care of. I am looking at the options of those left behind and how they will run going forward; and how almost non-existent their options have become with the disappearance of their breadwinners. At the arrival of these thoughts in my mind on Monday, I wept. I wept because their fate has been manipulated by human evil and their destinies may have been altered for good. What a tragedy! Those left behind by the dead men and women of Monday, as well as those who survived, maimed and incapacitated are now at a crossroad. And there are millions more who were not at Nyanya on Monday, yet they daily soak the terror that the harness and imbalance in the system daily engage to bomb their happiness, joy, relevance, meaning, and fulfilment. All of these are all at crossroads.

Sometimes when the going gets really tough, the world seems like it’s spinning too fast and you feel completely out of control, it seems like you’re losing your mind and going crazy, but trust me you’re not. If you know any Nigerian at this time, the message to pass is that evil has a life span. And the greatest defender of justice is not the judiciary but time and change. Even when no one is listening and power centres do nothing, the world will suffer no doubt, but time will of its own accord usher in a season of change that will comfort the poor, inspire the weak and re-fire the weary. Most importantly, it will eliminate evil and create times of refreshing. It’s the character of change.

Go back into history; no evil system has been able to perpetuate its positions. Good has always used time to defeat evil. Remind all those you know of this truth. They will feel out of control and wonder when time will ring the bell of change. Tell them to pause and take a deep breath. Tell them that each day of evil is actually the speed machine for the day of recompense. We hate evil, but at times, its powers are too lethal for good men to defeat on their own, so it will reign for a while. It made slave trade reign, it made colonialism reign, the Hitler genocide, and the Rwandan sorrow. But they all ended with their perpetrators defeated and small. Terrorism is the new kid on the bloc. Our world will defeat it. The human spirit is resilient enough to defeat its adversaries down the line in time. The spirits of today may lose the battle. But naturally, sometime in a kind of future, this evil will lose its strength and meaning. The victory of the world will always begin with confusion in the camp of evil. The day is far spent. The night has come. Now is our solution and victory nearer than when we first began to search for it.

Chaos is proof of solution; and maturity is sown in adversity. Trust me, it may not look like it, but we are all growing from our struggles. Life can be a struggle. It will break us sometimes, just as Monday did. Nobody can protect us from that. But my message to me today is this and it is my message to you: I must dare to continue to dream and run. Each one must continue to dream and run. It is the hope of the world. As evil continues to cut down dreamers through human manipulations, human ambition and greed, someone’s dream out of the dreams of all will survive. At its best, evil can only kill some of us, we cannot all be killed, and our dreams will live if only each can continue to dream.

Then, I must dare to feel. It is the reason I am here on earth. I am here to sacrifice my time and risk my heart. I am here to be bruised by life. And when it happens that I am hurt, or betrayed, or rejected, I will sit quietly with my eyes closed and I will recall all the good times I have had, and all the sweetness I tasted, and everything I have learned and the dreams of my heart, I will remember that someone somewhere is out of place only because I am yet to fully express my destiny. I will tell myself how amazing it was to live, and how sweet a victory it will be for those whose freedom in life are tied to my destiny; then I will open my eyes and live some more. To never struggle would be to never have been blessed with life. It is within the depths of darkness that we discover within us an inextinguishable light, and it is this light that illuminates the way forward. This struggle will pass away. Dust your dream books again. Take a new look at your situation. Feel the new power and freedom rising in your spirit right now. Now, get out there; go and serve your world. The whole world is waiting for you.

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