Find out how Important Mentoring is for your Growth and balance

What you should begin to do from here is very simple. It is instructive to note that all actions must be intentional; must be thoroughly thought through and most importantly, all actions must allow caution to be the critical companion in all necessary dealings and exchange.  If it was possible to turn back the hands of time, it is certain that most of us will gladly revisit our negative experiences and encounters, as well as decisions and choices that turned out unfavorable and disappointing. I know some people will most likely change who they got married to, many will totally ensure they avoid some people they have in their lives now, some will alter the career choice they have made, others will ensure they never went into the business that caused them losses and penury today, a lot of young people will love to avoid the mistake of sleeping with that guy or that lady that has caused them sleepless nights, pain or disease; a critical mass will prefer to have taken the unpleasant but needful advice of a loved one rather than living with the pains, guilt and regrets of today. Unfortunately, there is no tactic or strategy for eliminating the content of the past, but there’s always a new today with incredible capacity to deliver a beautiful and new future.Mentoring 2

The journey of life can be very complex and demanding; and the critical question is: why walk this journey alone? Our journey of life is obviously a single attempt and it’s over before we know it. But with a good guide, even the blind can make his way smoothly and unhindered to the final destination. And if for whatever reason, you still hit your leg on a stone, the weight of the pain can be major or even minor, but the experience of mentoring still provides the shock absorber and innovative way forward. Mentoring is the one word for guidance and accountability. When you run alone, you can run very fast, yet susceptible to error; but when we run together, you go very far and reduce error rate.  I cannot but share with you the following nine core reasons why mentoring is very necessary in any human life.

One, MENTORING provides the accountability that the independence of the human spirit needs for check and balance. Two, MENTORING provides the priceless, dispassionate, objective and impartial advice and encouragement that your personal desires and bias cannot rise above. Three, MENTORING gives you a supportive relationship you will always need beyond the world you know. Mentoring assists with critical problem solving. Four, it helps to discover the real problem and get the required help to solve it. Five, MENTORING improves self-confidence as you act on the counsel and wisdom of proof producers who have a track record of competence. Six, when taken seriously and followed faithfully, MENTORING increases your potential for success and drastically reduces your error rate. Seven, MENTORING also offers professional development. Eight, MENTORING encourages development of and reflection on principles, values and practice. And nine, MENTORING gives you the opportunity to be ahead of your peers simply because you are leaning on the shoulders of one or two generations ahead of yours.

You can decide from here henceforth how your life would be lived. WHO is HELPING you? How many people follow his or her wisdom and why? We really need to take a critical look at this question. Where do you draw your succor from? Who is your guide? These are the critical questions. And someone called this morning to ask if I can help. My answer of course is YES…I have helped countless others. If you are asking the same question, the number to call is 08128118884 or GO!

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