Check out proven Excercises that will Boost your Self-Confidence

Self confidenceI have noticed that young people, particularly from Africa, struggle consistently with self-esteem and self-confidence. Justifiably so because a critical part of the fearlessness and boldness they were born with naturally has been withdrawn from them in the name of correction and discipline by the adults nature gave to them. Most young people suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence from childhood all through adolescent and teenage life. They now become weak adults incapable of holding their own anywhere and confidently communicating the flavour of their difference everywhere.

People actually live in denial by playing the game the majority play pretending to be all good, all confident and happy; when in actual fact, they are dying on the inside wondering why they are not able to express the best of themselves when it matters the most. Have you ever felt you could have handled a particular situation with more confidence and strength? What most young people don’t know is that when you are confident, you are not looking inward and thinking; no! Instead, you are looking outward and experiencing the world and your impact on the people around you. So the beginning of confidence is to turn your thoughts outward. Confidence is a feeling of absolute certainty that value resides with you. When you say that you are CONFIDENT about something, you are basically saying that you feel CERTAIN about it.

Confidence is a FEELING—a feeling from inside-out. The same goes for nervousness, uneasiness, apprehension, disquiet, fretfulness, anxiety, horror, fright, panic, trepidation, fear, or self-doubt—these are all FEELINGS or EMOTIONAL STATES. So, how do you grow in confidence? Simple! Experiences and practice. Experiences are crucial. Each experience of confidence you allow will serve you in your next experience. The more experiences you accumulate, the more confident you naturally become. As you allow more experiences, you begin to challenge your self-limits and become more confident in your ability to make anything happen. It’s science. The other way to gain more confidence is by changing your emotional state. Your emotional states are usually determined by your circumstances and controlled by three factors I call: PFT: PHYSIOLOGY, FOCUS and TALK. Physiology as in your body language; Focus as in your dominant thoughts in a moment; and Talk as in your positive or negative things you utter in any given situation. This is the magic: No matter where you find yourself, no matter how intimidating or dangerous the environment or circumstance is, make up your mind to always act the part! It’s easy. Just act the part. What part? Put your mind on PFT! For physiology, always stand straight no matter what is going on around you

To be confident, you could simply stand that way you’d stand if you were confident – head up, shoulders back, smiling, breathing fully, and centered. You could also begin focusing on it working out and begin remembering all the amazing times you were successful. For language, you could start saying to yourself, “I can do this!” and “I am amazing!”

As simple as that sounds, you will immediately begin to feel more confident in doing so. If you condition this daily, it will become automatic and a part of you.

Two Simple Exercises That Will Change Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

I want to finish off this blog post with two powerful exercises that will immediately change your self-esteem and confidence. I personally have used these throughout my life and use them whenever I need that extra boost. Give them a try.

Confidence Exercise

Here’s how it works: Take out your journal and a pen, and simply write down as many successes in your life as you can possibly think of. Spend at least 15 minutes doing this.

Now, you may be able to think of a few off the top of your head and get stuck like most people. This is because you’re only focusing on the big things. I don’t even know you and I can list at least 10 things that you’re successful at. For example, you woke up this morning. You brushed your teeth. You got dressed. You ate breakfast. And so forth. You successfully did these things, but you most likely didn’t give yourself credit for it! The purpose of this exercise is to fully acknowledge yourself and “polish up your memories” so that you begin to stack your successes in life, which will give you more confidence. Make sense? Now spend up to 15 minutes doing this, trust me, it’ll make a difference!

Self-Esteem Exercise

Here’s how it works: Simply go to the mirror and look deeply into your eyes. Focus on your eyes for a few long seconds, feeling your soul. This might feel uncomfortable or weird, or it may be exciting – stick with it. As you’re staring at yourself, you’re going to say:

“Olakunle, I thank you, I appreciate you, and I love you.”

You’re going to change your name obviously, but you’ll repeat that to yourself a few times. This is powerful – you’re giving your soul what it craves most. You’re acknowledging yourself and giving yourself that love that you’ve been craving your entire life – and your self-esteem will improve as a result.

I recommend doing these exercises everyday for at least a week and see the results. I personally continue to do these and thought I’d share them with you – they are game changers! Let me know how it goes for you.


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  1. you have not been on air sin tuesday on smooth fm what i hear is one muyiwa…hope no problem or is it a change of station now…please reply…i can not imagine missing my morning meditation for 4 days now.

    On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Olakunle Soriyan Blog wrote:

    > olakunlesoriyan posted: “I have noticed that young people, > particularly from Africa, struggle consistently with self-esteem and > self-confidence. Justifiably so because a critical part of the fearlessness > and boldness they were born with naturally has been withdrawn from them in > t”

  2. pls i need a message on friday and am still awaiting your reply? what next for smooth talk with olakunle soriyan

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