Only through challenges can our finest opportunities emerge; You cannot be STRANDED!

strandedI have encountered some pretty daunting and scary situations that make me feel like, yes, this is failure right there. I remember being in a critical financial situation at a time, deep in a major loss in business and facing shame and embarrassments almost on a daily basis. It was bad. I had made bad decisions in business and owing everybody. I like to joke that those days were so bad, everyone in uniform was looking for me: Police, Boy Scout, LASTMA, Girls Brigade, and Red Cross, I mean anything in uniform. It was so bad a dear mentor, feeling so sorry for me, advised me to relocate and just run out of the country. Of course, I didn’t take the advice. But I didn’t judge the mentor either. He was simply convinced i was stranded and he didn’t see how i was going to get out of it. He told me to my face, “Kunle, from what I can see for now o…you are finished here. Finished! I will advise you to let’s work on your relocation…just get out.” It was a genuine counsel from the heart. But I knew better. It wasn’t easy no doubt…it was pretty tough I must say. I shed tears many times, and actually considered that this might just be the end. But you see, that was not my first crisis. God had helped me to defeat drug addiction in my past. I had being through and escaped gang violence as a principal actor. I had gotten a university degree only after spending 12years in one university studying a 4-year course. I had done refuse collection, fumigation, I had been a low profile BBQ man, and I can go on and on.

The advising mentor actually had not seen half of what I had seen in life so I could understand the limitations of his heart in being able to offer me best counsel. He did offer me a hearty counsel, but not the best counsel. He was simply limited by his own experiences, and was telling me what he would have done in that situation. But providence had prepared me for that season. I already understood something I believe every human being must understand and practice. I survived that season, today, it’s all history. So, my message today is, you cannot be stranded! Can you believe that? You actually cannot be stranded. And I don’t care what you are going through right now and how close you are to shame or death, you cannot be stranded. You got to believe that and allow it present in your head as a mindset.

People don’t know that the human spirit is elastic in nature. It is created to find solutions to every situation. Think of the seemingly impossible situations the human spirit has endured and surmounted since the world began. Think about the First and the Second World War; the holocaust, the great economic depression in America; the slave trade; the colonisation of Africa; the racism in the United States of America; the apartheid in South Africa; the Rwandan pogrom, the Liberian war and many other incidents, which almost brought our world or a large part of it to its knees. Yet, the human spirit rose stoutly to the challenge and brought all these seemingly insurmountable situations to their knees, in some cases with great sacrifices and casualties.

The truth is, every event in human history throws up two kinds of people, those who take control and those who surrender to the situation and become victims. Both are products of human choices. Many years ago, recognizing the enormous deposit of virtues and power installed in the human spirit by the creator, I began to say boldly that I cannot be stranded. I understood that challenges, personal or corporate, no matter how insurmountable they may appear, are meant to be strategically confronted and wisely surmounted. It is my conclusion that since the world began, our world is yet to be confronted with an insurmountable challenge. I have come to the irresistible conclusion that any time we cringe in the face of any challenge as individuals, organizations or a nation; we are performing below installed capacity as human beings. I call this a waste of the human mind and spirit. The human mind and spirit is a great and priceless asset to waste. I think the greatest tragedy in human history are those moments when the world has given in, in the face of seemingly insurmountable situations; those moments when the world threw its hands in the air of despondency, claiming nothing can be done, instead of seizing the moment.

I also think that the greatest moment in human history are those times when the world, understanding that we cannot be stranded, has risen to the challenge to make the world a better place for us all to live in; those moments where we recognize that the human spirit is not created to be cowed in despondency and defeat, but to soar on the wings strategy, determination and faith in God unto victory, in the face of most daunting challenges. Trust me, no matter where you are and what your circumstance is right now, this is your finest hour for your greatest experience. You have a choice to believe that or to turn away and accept the garment of doubt and pessimism.

I have come to accept the idea that only through challenges can our finest opportunities emerge. Winston Churchill actually said, ‘to each, there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.’ Olakunle Soriyan wakes up daily ready to make a mark in service to God and humanity against all odds, knowing that odds are inevitable in all of human endeavours, and it is the duty of the human spirit to defeat the odds. To think and do otherwise is to daydream. To think and do otherwise will be to be ungrateful to the spirits and memories of those whose refusal to accept that they can be stranded has brought our world to where it is today. What is your situation? There is a way out right in it. There is an opportunity close to you. You cannot be stranded. You can never be stranded. Two years, or two months or two minutes to disgrace, a way will always emerge for those who accept it as given, that the human spirit cannot be stranded. All you need do is to believe. And thankfully, believing is free. No charge. No price. I implore you to start saying to yourself, “I cannot be stranded”, soon the energy of that pronouncement will begin to permeate your entire life. Let’s take it further from here! Stay rooted!

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  1. Thanks your sir for the so many inspirational words for me and my generation. I’m a regular listener to Smooth life on 98.1 Smooth FM. But i was shocked to find out that the program no longer holds. *Sighs*

  2. These are not mere words…But words that echo verities of great wisdom and truth. I hear what you say sir and beyond. Thank you sir…its time for me to run with the vision.

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