SMOOTHLIFE with Olakunle Soriyan…

Hello there!

Our Nation Building JOURNEY of over a year on RADIO (SMOOTH FM) has been an amazing experience so far. It’s an honour and a privilege to have been part of your life through this medium; and to have enjoyed such a huge following on SMOOTH-LIFE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN is both humbling and inspiring. Certainly, without your dedication and appreciation, and of course your messages, this show would not have been considered special. You sure made it REMARKABLE and WEIGHTY.

On behalf of the entire OLAKUNLE SORIYAN COMPANY and all that we represent, we sincerely appreciate your profound and kind support towards the credible success of our Nation Building commitment on radio.

Obviously, you must have noticed that SMOOTH-LIFE with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN is no longer airing on SMOOTH FM for various reasons we will not want to share on a public domain for the sake of decency, dignity and honour. However, after thorough consideration and due consultations, we will like to OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE that we have made the DECISION to MOVE our CONTENT out of SMOOTH FM. Like we all know, all that has a beginning surely has an END. It simply means that VALUE is on the MOVE in the definition of a new phase. The TRANSFORMATION CONTINUES…

Our Nation Building JOURNEY on Radio will continue ELSEWHERE…SOON. Details about where it goes will be OFFICIALLY COMMUNICATED to you. Remember, since we are RELATED, we will surely RECONNECT SOON. STAY ROOTED

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