What exactly does the black race need at this time?

black peopleBlack is first of all, the face of the most troubled race on the earth. Plagued by war, disease and famine; a victim of slavery and colonial oppression; a global liability seeking aid and relief. The black man: vestige of a past that contradicts the present; the architect of medicine, science and the art; the builder of the very first civilization; a leader of thought and high intellect; the object of some of the most distorted facts of history. If you have ears and discerning eyes, it is obvious that something is about to break out for the black man. He is on the verge of rekindling lost glory; the rousing giant, waking up to his responsibilities after many years of induced slumber. Would you believe if I told you, that you and I, men and women of black skin and experience, will in the years ahead be responsible for charting new courses and determining the direction in which the world will conduct life, work and business? The world will once again acknowledge the contributions of the black mind. The world will one day acknowledge you. But before you and I speak any further, it is important I let you know that this is not for the dispassionate drifter or the scornful pessimist, a category you can know you do not fall into if indeed these words create a stirring within your soul.

One of the greatest forces in the world today is a four letter word called hope. It spurs human action and enables perseverance in life’s greatest storms. But hope must be true, if hope must be hope, and true hope, most times, cannot be severed from faith. It is imperative, that as black men and women in today’s world, we keep hope alive in the face of the thick adversities we are compelled to live up to, given our current economic and political landscape. The world around us is changing and changing fast, with technology creating mind boggling alternatives. In today’s world, the greatest profit goes to the producer while the non-producing consumer remains subservient. The question then arises: what have we produced? Or what are we producing?

Many years ago a bosom friend and business partner lost his 30 something year old uncle to a case of stroke. It is strange to have one’s uncle, only in his thirties, die of stroke. But this was not the death of an ordinary man. The deceased in question was the inventor of a flight machine in Yabatech, who made the headlines in the eighties. This invention, a genius’ dream, was treated with little regard and the intellectual capital that produced this invention was ignored. The dream died and so did the genius—another talent left to wither by a system with no respect for the intangible value of genius. This is black Africa’s story and only you can change it.

As the rest of the world advances, it is our prerogative as black men and women to unfold our hands and take responsibility for our relevance. We stand the risk of losing everything we hold dear, even ourselves, if we do not ACT NOW! Interestingly, we don’t need everybody, in the same way we don’t need a bunch of keys to open a door; we need the right key. It is said that you only need a square root of 1% of a population to create a revolution. That is, you only need just a quarter of 1% of the black race to create the renaissance that we so critically need to experience. So, we obviously don’t need everybody. We need you. It has become more apparent that the black situation must be treated with a state of emergency and tackled with all supreme urgency. You must know that restlessness is brewing amongst the youths—citizens in a global world where they are privy to the advances being made in other parts of the world—and the future demands that their vigor and strength be constructively channeled.

Now, as many more professionals and young talents flee the continent of Africa for greener pastures elsewhere, there is need for visionary leadership to inspire hope—visionary leadership with the mental and emotional character to focus the spiritual, mental and physical strength of the youths; and visionary leadership with the collaborative capacity to leverage the experience and aspirations of the aged and blend it with a blessing of youth. We need not a leadership of mere inspirational rhetoric, but one able to aid and empower, one able to inspire vision and to provide support all through the process of execution. Black needs leadership that will make it proud to be black again. Black needs leadership that will enable it invent and make it globally competitive. Black needs leadership and black needs you.

Today each of us must conceive a vision—Nation Building initiatives established to give full attention to the task of societal change by focusing on re-engineering the minds of young people as typified by the Nigerian Student, Young Working Class and Small Business Owners, who constitute the future of our great country Nigeria and our blessed continent; moving them in the direction of ethics, leadership, entrepreneurship and industry towards global impact and recognition.The end is to produce revolutionary, forward looking black leadership which will in turn spur black development and global competitiveness. It is borne of the belief that not much development can be realized until we develop firm convictions in our ability to perform, develop, invent and create solutions to our problems and that of the world around us. I believe that unless concrete structures are created to develop the intellectual capital and to broaden the emotional intelligence quotient of our youths,our collective aspirations remains another pipe dream.

So, we must promote individual and collective responsibility.The solution to the African situation cannot just be placed at the door steps of the government alone. As citizens of Africa, the buck stops, strangely, at each one of our tables. We would only move forward as we each take responsibility, for personal growth and development. Youths must cancel all youth pride to focus on forging alliances with statesmen of great repute and proven character as well as with corporate citizens of Africa and the rest of the world. This must not be another movement of mere gatherings and TALK shops. Yes, we will hold seminars, rallies and workshops, but we must transcend these fora to participate in the lives of the people in a manner that provokes vision and provides tangible and intangible assistance to aid its fulfillment. Africa shall soar to great heights, but your participation will be proof that you and I are akin in a glorious black destiny. God bless Black. God bless Africa. God bless Nigeria.Stay sharp!

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