The COLLEGE of LIFE™ Program


Based on OLAKUNLE SORIYAN and his team of researchers’ 5-Year study of human Thinking, choices, behaviour and outcomes in four African Nations, The OLAKUNLE SORIYAN COMPANY presents:

The COLLEGE of LIFE™ Program

The COLLEGE of LIFE™ Program is a ONE-DAY Interactive Experience designed to provide you with the practical tools you need to address LIFE in its ESSENCE and deliver the OUTCOME your INDIVIDUALITY and your EXISTENCE truly deserves.

The Problem: Everything NEGATIVE or UNPLEASANT in your LIFE is nothing but a result of the IGNORANCE or WRONG APPLICATION of the “20 RULES of LIFE™”. Every PAIN or DISCOMFORT in your LIFE is ONLY because you HOLD yourself and your world down to YOUR RULES, yet, MISSING TOTALLY on the real RULES of LIFE. There is a PROTOCOL to SWIMMING for EXAMPLE. You really CANNOT SWIM on your OWN TERMS. Swimming is a defined art and science; and whoever will swim, must submit to the RULES for swimming. Those who INSIST on swimming on their own terms are those who drown on their own terms. So it also is with LIFE. LIFE has DEFINED RULES. It is an ART and SCIENCE. While we ALL define LIFE DIFFERENTLY, LIFE is ONE…ONE MEANING…ONE EXPERIENCE. LIFE is ONE. And with the IGNORANCE of these RULES of Life, and the ART and SCIENCE of it, it will MATTER VERY LITTLE whether one is high or low, mighty or weak, wise or foolish, rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful; even on the highest seats in life, LIFE will SURELY be UTTERLY MISERABLE at the DEPARTURE LOUNGE of LIFE when ENERGY has FADED and DEATH is SURE. And MANY have DIED MISERABLE and MANY MORE are still MISERABLE. The PROBLEM is: MANY CONFUSE PREVAILING BLISS and PEACE for PERMANENT ASSURANCE. The BIGGER PROBLEM is: ONLY 1% of the 7billion on earth are AWARE of and CONSCIOUSLY LIVING by the ART and SCIENCE of these RULES and PROTOCOLS. Another 2% are AWARE but NOT LIVING them. The remaining 97% are TOTALLY UNAWARE. The QUESTION is WHERE ARE YOU? With the 1%, the 2% or the 97%. Don’t HATE this, MOST PEOPLE are in the 97%, but the COLLEGE of LIFE™ Program really HOPES YOU ARE NOT…and INVITES YOU to FIND OUT.

The Solution: The COLLEGE of LIFE™ Program provides a direct pathway to establishing Reproducible Quality Behaviours (RQBs) and consistently taking Credible Independent Actions (CIAs) based on UNDERSTANDING, MASTERING and LIVING the ARTS and SCIENCE of the time-tested “20 RULES of LIFE™”.
You Will Learn To:
• Develop an understanding of the “20 RULES of LIFE™”
• Gain control of life in a way that wires you to communicate and win consistently at the highest level possible
• Attract the best people into your life that will serve your cause and your journey of life with all they contain
• Pull resources your individuality and your existence deserves
• Unlock your inner strength that empowers you to live in perfect harmony with nature and your design
• Gain a fresh perspective and achieve a higher level of energy for life and work by operating from your strength zone.
• Defeat selective compatibility with people by learning to display the incredible ability to relate with anyone and be compatible with everybody
• Begin to daily pull from your rightful share of the POWER OF LIFE in a way that lifts your from good to best, powerlessness to power-wielding, fear to clarity, inertia to momentum, illness to health, self-doubt to self assurance, success to greatness.
• Identify ways to improve RQBs and CIAs by incorporating the “20 RULES of LIFE™”
• Determine personal action steps to integrate the “20 RULES of LIFE™” into day-to-day activities
• Develop and practice the behaviours required to effectively lead yourself and others
• Create newness in your life from season to season in response to the everyday challenges of contemporary life

The Process:
• ATTEND: It takes just 10hrs on-location to kick-start your ascent to the next level! Experience each of the “20 RULES of LIFE™” from several vantage points through relevant case studies, fun activities, thought revolution, and ongoing development of a personal plan of action. Learn and grow from the shared experiences of others in a challenging, but safe environment.
• ASSESS: During the program, each attendee will complete four assessments; each designed to validate the other in uncovering your natural and hard-wired behaviours.
• ACCOUNTABILITY: Each participant will receive a complimentary session with OLAKUNLE and TIWA SORIYAN, as you enjoy a professional debrief of your assessment results with one of our Chief Strategists.
What You Will Receive:
• Four LIVING INTENTIONALLY™ PARADIGM assessments, with instant analysis and result, sensitive to each participant
• Full colour participant notebook
• A TEN HOUR session with a world class facilitator
• A copy of Olakunle Soriyan’s bestseller, “Too far…Too close”. “Unveiling the mask in what you thought you knew”
• A “One on One” complimentary session with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN
• A complimentary digital download, “BEYOND the OBVIOUS”

Call 08128118883 or 08128118885 for further enquiries.

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