Scientists have since been on the lookout for more practical ways we can channel our body’s natural energies in more useful ways. Well, it seems luck has finally shone on them as a Brazilian inventor named Joao Paulo Lammoglia has come up with a device that uses our breath to charge our small devices. AireMask

This mask like device called AIRE contains small wind turbines that convert your every breath into renewable power which can be used to run/charge your devices from an iPod to a mobile phone.

It is said that a man while sleeping produces between 100 and 120 watts of energy, which on paper is enough to power a lot of the devices we use. For instance, the Nintendo Wii uses just 14 watts, your regular cellphone uses about 1 watt while your laptop is about 45 watts. Aire-Mask-your-breathing-into-renewable-electrical-power1

The AIRE is designed in such a way that either while you are sleeping or running or basically just breathing, you can charge your appliances.

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  1. Incredible invention! At least our devices wont be off anymore. Thanks for sharing sir.

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    Amazing invention

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