The Hyperloop which was conceptualised by Elon Musk [CEO of Tesla and SpaceX] is a high-speed transportation system that visualises pressurised capsules that look like trains traveling through tubes with minimal friction, enabling speeds of more than 600 mph. With the Hyperloop, you can travel from San Francisco to L.A. in 35 minutes. This journey would normally take about 5hours 46mins by car and 1hour 15mins with an airplane. 101701181-Hyperloop2_600x400

In August 2013, when Musk revealed his idea he had already mentioned that the Hyperloop may need up to 10 years to materialize, even if America’s best minds threw themselves into the project.

Although the Hyperloop is still a concept and hasn’t been created yet, there is certainly no doubt that the arrival of such a transport system would greatly improve and advance the speed of travel for humans.

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