TENNA – The Future of Devices

These days, our gadgets are under immense ‘pressure’ to function in multiple roles. For instance, a phone can function as a camera, video camera, voice recorder, MP3 player, web browser, note-pad, and so much more. This multi-functionality of the phone does not however push aside the use or the value of individual devices.

Now imagine your other devices can also turn the tables on the phone and also function in their capacity as well as a phone?

Well, you don’t have to imagine too far away…a device already exists!! It is called Tenna. And its job is simply to add the functionality of a phone to any individual device like your MP3 player, your laptop, etc. It performs this function by using voice recognition-based user interface. The screen-less device provides just the calling and texting functions of a phone when used on its own but can connect to any device through a USB mini port. Thus, for advanced function of a phone like: connecting to the internet, scheduling, managing contacts, etc. all you simply need to do is plug the Tenna into the device of your choice.

Its designer is Yuree S. Lim.


Tenna 1
Tenna 2
Tenna 3
Tenna 4


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