Quism Interactive Cooking Platform

Every new day gives birth to one new gadget or device that attempts to better the lives of humans. Technology is evolving ever so quickly these days and as Africans, we need to shape up and move with the tide or get left behind.

Right now, another innovation has added itself to the list of great inventions. We are talking about the Quism interactive cooking platform from Team Synergy. This device is a more or less an upgrade of the kitchen as we know it. It allows users to travel away from home and still have the ability to cook and dine with family members through amazing features like tele-cooking, tele-dinning and sharing of recipes. Quism

This immediately discards the worry of being away from the family for too long as now; you can be away physically and still be present at dinner time. Another great feature of this system is that it uses dehumidifier technology to generate its own water reservoir.

With technology such as this, it is almost impossible then for people to use the excuse of being away on a trip to abandon their home and family obligations.


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  1. Highly inspiring articles. God bless Pastor Kunle.

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