As important as cleaning is, and as often as some of us do it, there are facts about it that many of us are not aware of. Like how often and even what should be cleaned. For instance, I’m sure an advice like cleaning your phone would sound ridiculous to some, but the truth is we indeed need to clean these things.

Below is a summary of the advice given by a group of experts [a microbiologist, an underwear specialist and some clothing designers] in America for the Daily Mail Newspaper.


Mobile phones ought to be cleaned EVERYDAY. According to a research, we touch our phones a minimum of 150 times per day, and 7,000 different types of bacteria were found on 51 different phone samples. Although some of these bacteria aren’t harmful, some are.Cell Phone

Usage of phones causes them to heat up thereby providing a very conducive environment for bacteria to breed and multiply. Some of the bacteria found on phones are Enterococcus [found in faeces] and Pseudomonas bacteria [found in animals and soil] both of which can cause very terrible pathogenic infections.

Phones must be cleaned everyday with antibacterial wipes; and phones with keypads should be cleaned more often than ones without.


In a typical day, we shed millions of skin cells, most of which are shed in bed at night and we lose about a litre of sweat per night. Leaving these on the bed for too long can attract dust mites to the bed. Bedroom

Now although these mites are harmless in themselves, they produce droppings that contain allergens that can trigger itching eyes, nose inflammation and even asthma.

It is recommended that we wash our bed sheets/pillow cases once a week and dry them in direct sunlight to effectively kill micro-organisms. Then a hot iron should be run over them to kill any leftover bacteria.


Pillows [not pillow cases] should be washed every 3 months. Doctors have found that up to a third of a pillow’s weight can be made up of bugs, dead skin, mites and their faeces, and the average unwashed pillow can contain a revolting 16 species of fungi.

The more sweat the pillow soaks up, the more easy it is for it to become a breeding home for bacteria and mites. So please every 3 months, wash your pillows.


Same goes for your mattress as well. Although you don’t need to wash your mattress, once in six months at least, hover or steam it then air it outside under direct sunlight. After cleaning, be sure to rotate it.


If you want to preserve the life span of your jeans, ensure you don’t wash it after ever wear. This doesn’t mean, you are then licensed to keep wearing the same jeans consistently without washing. Denim jeans

Jean designer Donna Ida advices that we wash our denim after every 5 wears. She also advised for those who have an extra special pair, that you can put them in a plastic, airtight bag and freeze overnight. This method is just as effective as washing in killing bacteria.

Please note that freezing overnight does not eliminate washing…this is just in between washes.


This is for our women… your bras must be washed after 2 wears. The crease in your bust and the area under your arms are hot and sweaty and so you can’t afford to wear a bra more than twice and at most thrice before washing. USA, Illinois, Metamora, Blue bra on hanger

It is also advised that you don’t use washing machine to wash you bra as this can affect its elasticity and thereby shorten its lifespan [which should be like 12 months].


Your purses and handbags are very susceptible to picking and retaining bacteria. Washing your hand regularly still doesn’t immune you from contaminating them. For instance, when you pay for things you still have to hold your purse or place your bag down somewhere. And currency notes have been found to play host to a lot of bacteria. More bacteria cling to notes more as they are more porous than normal cards. bag n purse

Thus to maintain a proper hygienic lifestyle, you should wipe your purses and bags every week with disinfecting or antibacterial wipes. If you are worried about ruining your precious leather bags, you can clean a small part first as a test to be sure before doing the full thing.

To read more, you can check out this link:

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