A group of students at the University of Liverpool, UK are attempting to break the world record for the fastest human powered vehicle using a bicycle. This bicycle is said to be able to travel at a speed of 90MPH. The capsule shaped bicycle designed by the University of Liverpool Velocipede Team [ULV Team] is called Arion1.

Currently, a Dutch team holds the world speed record of 83.13mph but the ULV team from Liverpool hope to beat this challenge at this year’s competition.

It is indeed amazing how technology is fast changing in our life time. Soon the regular bicycles would be moved into extinction and more sophisticated ones would become the norm. Couple biking

How the Arion1 Velocipede Works

To achieve the desired speed, the rider, who will be seated just 5 inches (13 cm) from the floor, will need to get their legs pumping to generate over 700 W of power, which the team points out is enough power to light the average UK home. The power will be delivered to the wheels via a transmission system with a gear ratio of 17:1, as compared to the gear ratio of 4:1 found on a standard bicycle. (

For the windscreen, instead of a transparent one, the ULV team is working on designing and installing a camera and monitor system that will allow the rider see where they are going. The monitor system is designed to not only reduce aerodynamic drag but also allow the rider’s head remain in the optimum riding position.

The Arion1 is said to weigh less than 55 lb. (25 kg) and will be released May 2015.

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