The World’s First Climate-Controlled City

For a moment, just close your eyes and switch on your imagination inner eyes. Now imagine a city where the climate is controlled by man. That is, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Even if it’s raining or the sun is blazing, you won’t be affected; yet you can do all your normal everyday activities. That will be lovely, right? climate city 2

Ok, now open your eyes… Guess what? This imagination will soon be a reality as plans are already underway to complete this city. Dubai has already announced their plans to build this city and they hope to have it ready and functional to host the 2020 World Expo Trade Fair.

The 48 million square-foot complex dubbed ‘Mall of the World’ will be constructed under a glass dome that serves as the protective shield of the city. This city will play host to the world’s largest shopping mall, as well as the world’s largest theme park. It is expected to attract and host about 180 million visitors annually.

climate city 3Visitors will have access to trams that will help them move from one end to the other around the city. Thus, there will be no need for cars within the city.

The main attraction of the ‘Mall of the World’ is said to be its cultural district which will be a recreation of some of the world’s famous landmarks from New York to Barcelona and London.

To watch a virtual tour of the city click this link:


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  1. Omg I have been reading about this when I was little and now it is going to become reality! Amazing!

  2. Lovely! This is going to be great! The shows the power of imagination. The mental picture of a preferable future.

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