What Next

The first two months of the year have hastily sped on. How did it go with you? Did you meet your personal and corporate goals? Were you completely in control of your necessary human experiences?
To be fair, I must admit that 2017 has not been the best of years for most and will not be so all through the year for many more. The economy has continued to go south; and except monetary and fiscal policies take a substantial turn for the better, one dollar (according to industry watchers) is bound to hit the NGN1,000 mark before we say another happy new year. It’s really an intimidating consideration.

On the flip side, however, is the idea that the very same recession that brought millions to poverty is the very same recession on which thinking people and discerning individuals are already riding  into economic victory and regional personal and corporate brand dominance. By this, i do not mean economic gains built on foundations of corruption or by knowing someone in the corridors of power who can help arrange one or two not-so-legal exchanges. No. Truth is that 2017 is not a New Year! It has occurred once in our Nigerian history and many times in global economic history. Also, the recession did not kick off in 2017; It actually started long before. Hence, it gave some trend watchers and power-centers the chance to make plans that allowed for exploiting the opportunities inherent in the recession.
Globalization, and by extension borderlesness, has opened doors that never existed before. Whether as an individual intending to advance career-value with an eye to regional dominance or an organization seeking high-impact growth and usable reputation capital, there are certain actions that can positively change the course.
Micheal Jackson did not invent the moonwalk. He had a global platform and the moment he replicated that dance for the world, he came to be known for it. Before Mungo Park ‘discovered’ River Niger, it is true that it remained unknown only because those who have lived there for thousands of years did not have his network and platform to make it news; nor do they possess the understanding of why doing so is great history for them. Mungo Park found the river they have lived with for years—they simply did not see why telling the River Niger Story is a game-changer for them.
To leave a real and lasting impact, best bet is still about seeing the global issues that power-centers, both locally and globally are interested in. Then, plugging into those issues will always create the global platforms one will use to further known and preferred cause.
I can authoritatively tell you that the next 302 days will determine the contents and experiences of your life for the next four years. It will also makeup for the errors and unguardedness of your life in the last 10 years; but only if you maximize it—maximized in alignment with the rules of engagement that 2017 (as an entity) as defined for itself.
To help all who are genuinely eager to take active part in  shaping the next four years of their lives by strategically managing the remaining months of 2017, I have put together a product to help you do just that. You don’t need a bunch of keys to open a door, you need just the right key. This could be that ‘right key’ that could change the course of your life.
This priceless treasure Normally goes for #20,000, but currently sells at the promo price of #10,000

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