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Welcometo a new world!
The 21st century world riddled with opportunities and filled with threats. Those who understand how to navigate their way through the global terrain seize opportunities; those who do not are greatly threatened. In this era, the next wave of colonization will be voluntary. Already, the casualties are mounting; blue and white collar workers in the west are losing knowledge jobs to India and China; big firms are being ousted by fleet footed small businesses with an uncanny understanding of the time we live in. Erstwhile Super Powers are beginning to realize that Power cannot be monopolized as emerging economies rise to demand their place in the global scheme of things. (more…)


Skipping Rocks Lab is a seaweed-tech start-up based in London. That has created “Ooho!” the edible water. It’s a spherical packaging made of seaweed, entirely natural and biodegradable. Obviously their goal is to create a waste-free alternative to plastic bottles and cups. The proprietary material is actually cheaper than plastic and can encapsulate any beverage including water, soft drinks, spirits and cosmetics. The consumption of non-renewable resources for single use bottles and the amount of waste generated is profoundly unsustainable. The aim of Ooho is to provide the convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental impact. Read the rest of this entry

What Next

The first two months of the year have hastily sped on. How did it go with you? Did you meet your personal and corporate goals? Were you completely in control of your necessary human experiences?
To be fair, I must admit that 2017 has not been the best of years for most and will not be so all through the year for many more. The economy has continued to go south; and except monetary and fiscal policies take a substantial turn for the better, one dollar (according to industry watchers) is bound to hit the NGN1,000 mark before we say another happy new year. It’s really an intimidating consideration.

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Wait a minute! How are you creating your OWN MEDIA?

The HUMAN LIFE has an INCREDIBLE CAPACITY to CREATE his OWN MEDIA, BELIEVING ONLY what he WANTS and SELLING it to his WORLD. DECEPTION is the INSTRUMENT that ALLOWS the HUMAN MIND to WRITE his OWN LIES as his STORY, to be his OWN MEDIA and his OWN AUDIENCE, together with a FEW WEAK MINDS who wear the GARMENT of HONOR but KNOW NOT its STANDARDS; and so CELEBRATES a LIE as FACT, and MEDIOCRITY as EXCELLENCE. You had better CLEAN UP and to YOURSELF be TRUE, because SOON, the same WORLD that puts its ORNAMENTS on your NECK, is the same WORLD that will REMOVE it with your SHAME in their HANDS. The KING of ALL IDEAS is to KNOW that the LIFE of the HUMAN MORTAL is NEVER about the IMPRESSIONS he can make in the MINDS of OBSERVERS…but in his DEDICATION to the CAUSE of SELF-IMPROVEMENT and DEVOTION to his MAKER. ANY ACT outside of these will have ONLY a TEMPORARY EFFECT that is INCAPABLE of SUSTAINING the kind of MEANING and BALANCE required for a UNIQUE JOURNEY of LIFE. NELSON MANDELA understands this MORE than I DO! It is a CRITICAL PART of his LEGACY. Olakunle Soriyan 

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The objective of CATALYSIS 2015 with Kevin Bond is to empower the leadership of the present day church with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that will birth and sustain the kind of visionary commitment with the capacity to photograph, create, establish and sustain the future relevance of the body of Christ in a way that secures the advancement of God’s kingdom through genuine worship. @olakunlesoriyan@itskevinBond #catalysis2015 #catalysis2015withKevinBond   

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