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Sure your weekend was great; and you are getting fired up for the new week.
Now, I did give out a gift towards the end of 2014 right into the first few days of January 2015. The idea was to prepare and empower people for great success in the New Year – 2015.

The year is now running and many are playing catch-up; while very few people are seizing the opportunities for living meaningfully and fulfilled.

We are rounding up the first quarter of the year, Easter is around the corner and the critical narrative in my head is the reality about the multiple skills people will have to continue to hone in their day to day activities, all through the year.

A strong auditory capacity is vital amongst many. I am sharing a very powerful and concise eBook this Easter season to support you in how this crucial skill can find more useful space in your life. It is called:
HIGH RESPONSE SPEAKING —the Singular Element that makes your Speech and Presentations Attention-Grabbing, Persuasive, and instantly distinguishes you from the crowd as a Phenomenal Communicator.

In 15 minutes or less, you’ll learn a killer technique that will crown you a Pro.

Providence has given me the platform to enjoy a highly humbling reputation capital as a pioneer public speaker and a voice of hope, clarity and direction. This gift is another gesture to share a unique, authentic and very powerful part of me with the world.

This ebook is yours to download and read FREE. With just a click, you will get it instantly delivered to you []. However, I have a bigger deal for you. 

I have put together an event to take you by the hand, step by step and show you how to speak like a Pro. It’s called TalkPRO™. Register Now!

TalkPRO™ will give you the tools to create presentations around the ideas that matter most to you; the skill to win over hearts and minds, and the confidence to deliver the talk of your life. You have ideas that are meant to be heard. I will teach you to use your voice to inspire any audience and achieve your most audacious goals.

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Olakunle SORIYAN

TalkPRO™ with Olakunle Soriyan

Are you thinking about sharpening your speaking skills for your day to day work or business use?

Is Public Speaking a key tool for outstanding success in what you do?

Are you considering building a career in Public Speaking or it is simply about the desire to make your presence and your speech Memorable in the minds and hearts of observers and hearers?

Whatever your objective for public speaking is, TalkPRO™ is the platform to plug into.

TalkPRO™ is a smart, Eye-Opening, Refreshingly Practical, Jargon-free and Off-the-rules content that gets you answering the most important questions and gets you going. You will be greatly helped. PLUG IN!





22 days to the end of 2014!!
Time is ticking fast and we need to act fast too. 2015 cannot remain business as usual…we must do things differently so as not to get swept ‘under the bus’.

The NEXT365™ INTERACTION is a program that is guaranteed to help shape you to be the kind of person you must be in 2015.

Call Ife or Patrick Now on 08128118883 0r 08128118885 for details on how you can be part of it. or visit for more details.



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