Guest Corner Details

Thank you for your interest!
The Olakunle Soriyan Blog is a PLATFORM for TRUTH, TRANSFORMATION and ADVANCEMENT. The critical focus of the Blog features topics such as personal development, business success, leadership, Social Relationships, Youth and Singles, Parenting and Family, financial tips and other Life management issues. Submission of articles on this platform requires the would-be guest blogger be able to provide insightful and life impacting content including information, tips, strategies and helpful prescience into proven methods for total life management. You may need to view my blog posts for guidelines on this.

Submission Requirements
• Your article must be unique and must not appear published anywhere online
• Your submission should contain valuable and useful content relevant to one of the following categories: personal development, business success, leadership, relationships, nation building, and financial success
• Your article must be between 300-600 words
• Any submission containing inappropriate or offensive content is strictly prohibited.
• Any submission that violate copyright infringement laws is strictly prohibited.
• You are welcome to insert relevant links into your entry (Max: 3 links)
• Include a short bio at the bottom of the entry (1-2 Sentences)
• Please check and edit for grammar/spelling
. You should recognize our blog as a guest writer.
. You should also acknowledge the author of the blog and especially your experience
with the contents you have read over time.
. Your content should also be issue-based and no religion attached

Click here for a form and to upload your document

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