“Very beneficial. Very informative and practical. It helped me to clear my
doubts of what I want to do.” Okon Medekong [October 2013]

“Exposed me to me, my humanity and enlarged my mind about purpose. I
consider it the basic rudiments of life, to be learnt (taken) by individuals at very
early age in life especially in Nigeria. David Mayowa Olarenwaju [October 2013]

“This program has set me on the path to audit my relationships. This
program is just wonderful. I’m glad students are here. It helps one reduce error in
life choices. Uloma Olowude [November 2013]

“A new form of realisation and I believe life-changing. It is a platform
that should never stop. It will touch many more lives. Adekemi Olujemisin 
[November 2013]

“LPC is life-transforming and capable of really setting one on a pathway of
destiny. It is the best seminar ever attended.” John Omokafe [February 2014]

“This is what I really need now as I was having doubts about taking control
of destiny. Thank you a lot.” Odunsi Saheed ‘Seun [February 2014]

“It shaped my thinking. It is very insightful and must be proliferated
across African countries.” Femi Emmanuel [April 2014]

“It has changed my perspective about myself. It is an honest forum to help
mankind.” Kelechi Igwegbe [April 2014]

“It has reshaped my thinking. It has helped and is helping me evaluate my
present status and awareness of myself. It is necessary for every
individual who wants to live life with a difference.” Jeje Michael Olusola [May 2014]

“It has provided clarity for me. It is worthwhile and I think more
professionals should get engaged in it. I deeply appreciate the time and resources spent
on this programme.” Nnanna Ebiri-Okoro [May 2014]

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