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Often times, people confuse being clever and being wise when in actual fact, there is a clear distinct difference. In order to survive the times you need to know the difference and how to spot it in people. Your ability to discern a wise man from a clever man would help you in your dealings and relations with people.

You see, if you want to KNOW a CLEVER MAN, you just need to check what he SAYS and if you want to KNOW a WISE MAN, check what he PRACTICES. Wisdom is taking the words of a clever man and putting them into action and then some… Please note that these words we refer to here are not just any kind of talk. For the purpose of this article, we are going to assume that words and talk being referred to have passed the test of intelligence, morality and sensibility.

Now, while it is important to know and be in the know, it is never enough to just know. You need to know and do as well! Just like reading isn’t enough without the understanding or comprehension of what has been read, so is mere determination without discipline and so is saying the words without practising them. We have got to embrace a new way of doing things. People have got to be able to connect our words with our actions. The time has come for us to move beyond mere intelligent words to intelligent words coupled with equal intelligent, deliberate and intentional actions. action n words

We have remained where we are today as a people because we have lived and built our world around empty words. As another election season draws closer for the Nation, we are daily pumped with lots of talk and promises from aspirants. We therefore owe it to ourselves and our generation to be able to spot clever men/women from the wise ones. As a nation, and after 54 years of independence, we should and must be tired of empty talk. We need wise people who would back their words with actions.

This principle also would help us in our dealings with people around us and will give us the leverage we need to guard against ‘strangers’ in our lives; as well as the access level we give them.

This also goes for us in our individual lives. As we try to spot people for their actions, we also need to be people who are not governed by just talk but actions. We’ve got to take action NOW! Enough of empty words! It’s time to GET WISE! I leave you today with this charge: Put your good and intelligent words to action. Let people around you be able to tie your words and actions together and name you for who you really are by your actions not what your words say.

Enough talk! Stay sharp!




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newness“Since NEWNESS and NEXT LEVEL are CHOICES, I made the CHOICE for NEWNESS again YESTERDAY. Then, finally, I am totally able to FULLY ACCEPT and BELIEVE that I have REGRETS. If REGRET means sitting down, sorry-soul, heads bowed and feeling weighed down and sad, wishing the events and errors of yesterday could change, I have NO SUCH REGRETS. But if part of REGRETS is to LOOK BACK to SEE CLEARLY key things I would have done DIFFERENTLY if I could do it all over again, then I do have REGRETS to the EXTENT that I can UNDERSCORE the PRINCIPLES ENOUGH for those COMING AFTER to KNOW…NOTE and AVOID. I do have REGRETS in that ORDER. This is Olakunle SORIYAN, and I am enjoying NEWNESS.

You can be as wrong as what you want to correct!

You have no excuse for accepting evil. And you have no excuse for scripting and executing treachery and mediocrity. When you have to lie to counter those who lied to you, then you are as wrong as the wrong you want to correct; and you are giving others the very pain you want to avoid. I will say that life and its principles are real, potent, immutable and rewarding. It must be our commitment at all levels to be on the right side of life and its principles. This is a critical part of what it means to live.

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