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Wait a minute! How are you creating your OWN MEDIA?

The HUMAN LIFE has an INCREDIBLE CAPACITY to CREATE his OWN MEDIA, BELIEVING ONLY what he WANTS and SELLING it to his WORLD. DECEPTION is the INSTRUMENT that ALLOWS the HUMAN MIND to WRITE his OWN LIES as his STORY, to be his OWN MEDIA and his OWN AUDIENCE, together with a FEW WEAK MINDS who wear the GARMENT of HONOR but KNOW NOT its STANDARDS; and so CELEBRATES a LIE as FACT, and MEDIOCRITY as EXCELLENCE. You had better CLEAN UP and to YOURSELF be TRUE, because SOON, the same WORLD that puts its ORNAMENTS on your NECK, is the same WORLD that will REMOVE it with your SHAME in their HANDS. The KING of ALL IDEAS is to KNOW that the LIFE of the HUMAN MORTAL is NEVER about the IMPRESSIONS he can make in the MINDS of OBSERVERS…but in his DEDICATION to the CAUSE of SELF-IMPROVEMENT and DEVOTION to his MAKER. ANY ACT outside of these will have ONLY a TEMPORARY EFFECT that is INCAPABLE of SUSTAINING the kind of MEANING and BALANCE required for a UNIQUE JOURNEY of LIFE. NELSON MANDELA understands this MORE than I DO! It is a CRITICAL PART of his LEGACY. Olakunle Soriyan 

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#SoriyanChats – 15th January 2015

#SoriyanChats is a twitter forum where I, Olakunle Soriyan, discuss with my ‘tweeps’ on select local and global issues affecting us. People get to ask me questions or make comments and I respond accordingly.

This segment on the blog is a deliberate effort to capture the chats in a single view and make available for referencing and recheck especially for those who missed it.


Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: We are LIVE!! Join the transformation using the hash tag #SoriyanChats. We shall be discussing the upcoming presidential elections…

Youngichu ‏@youngichu: @olakunlesoriyan Awesome discussion for today #SoriyanChats

Adedola Adekolu-John @dedols: @olakunlesoriyan, do you see the forthcoming election causing a religious divide in Nigeria? We have seemingly 2 parties suggesting 2 divides

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @dedols This election is actually coming late for that. RELIGIOUS DIVIDE is already over 30yrs old in its hold on our politics #SoriyanChats


SAM ORE ‏@TheSamOre: @olakunlesoriyan who is your prefer presidential candidate and state reasons sir!

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan:  @TheSamOre Honestly, my MIND is SEARCHING & totally UNMADE. I am still WAITING for the CANDIDATES to DISCUSS the “HOWs”. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: The PRESIDENTIAL RACE is on…and BIG TALKS from both PDP & APC CAMP. But NONE is discussing the “HOW” to the PROMISES #SoriyanChats

Victor Oyefeso ‏@Victoroyefeso: @olakunlesoriyan I think they are, sir except they are not telling us in details. Specifically, the APC Vice Presidential candidate.

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso My IGNORANCE is OPEN to EMANCIPATION. Whether from PDP/APC, I am SINCERELY UNAWARE of the “HOW” CONVERSATIONS #SoriyanChats

Pam zake ‏@pamabueenamhe: @TheSamOre #soriyanchats whether GEJ or GMB we should vote with conscience and a metamorphosis not tribe and sentiments

Pam zake ‏@pamabueenamhe: #SoriyanChats i think more young people need to be sensitised on the importance of exercising your franchise we can’t just sit back, time to act.

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @pamabueenamhe True. &this MUST be the RESOLVE of all NIGERIANS. Yet, “DOING SOMETHING” must be GREETED with GREAT CAUTION #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @pamabueenamhe Well…as a PRECURSOR or at worst, SIDE by SIDE that, should be the EDUCATION about the SCIENCE to “CHOICES” #SoriyanChats

SAM ORE ‏@TheSamOre: @olakunlesoriyan previous event and records should be the line of your DECISION sir..30days to go you are yet to decide?

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre Should I buy a shoe simply bicos I have money, even when the seller cannot present choices that make sense to me? #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre I demand that sellers should explain “HOW” the product can deliver the PROMISED VALUE..or I will pocket my money #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre So bicos I have worked in great hospitals b4 & did well, U’ll let me defend u in court without the “HOW” to it? #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre CREDILITY is a JOURNEY. If you win the WORLD CUP in 2014, u have to return 4yrs after to “PROVE” u can do it again #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre No PROMISE made for VOTES should IGNORE the VOTERS RIGHT to KNOW the “HOW” to and even the “WHY” of the PROMISE #SoriyanChats

SAM ORE ‏@TheSamOre: @olakunlesoriyan the How should not be the determinate value if your vote apparently explanation is never ENOUGH but previous Actions

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre You overrate VOTING as the PATHWAY to our TRANSFORMATION. By another AWARENESS…it is NOT NECCESSARILY a PATHWAY #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre As RESPECT to the VOTERS, explaining the HOW to every PROMISE is actually SERVICE and JUSTICE to ALL. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @TheSamOre NO CANDIDATE, whether PDP/APC, should actually allow ANY VOTER DEMAND for the “HOWs”. It should be the CAMPAIGN #SoriyanChats

IAmGbengaDaniel ‏@1SpiritWithHim: @olakunlesoriyan: Politicians must show apt understanding in communicating SOUND POLICIES plus STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION PLAN. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @1SpiritWithHim Perfect thoughts!!! #SoriyanChats

Victor Oyefeso ‏@Victoroyefeso: @olakunlesoriyan We may not likely get to hear ‘How’s’ but btw GEJ and GMB, can u tell me who you advise me to vote for, sir?

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso I will NOT give advice that’s NOT clear within me as a RESOLVE. I AUDIT before I COMMIT…or I will COMMIT NOT #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso I don’t know how to use my PURCHASING POWER to BUY what i don’t understand. I’ll rather NOT BUY.. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso Even if it is one second to election,I’ll ONLY VOTE what i UNDERSTAND. We NEED the HOWs! VOTING is NOT TERROR #SoriyanChats

Victor Oyefeso ‏@Victoroyefeso: @olakunlesoriyan “For every Olakunle Soriyan there is equal or great than 1million fools in Nig.” Those 2 ‘really’ can’t say the ‘HOWs’!

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso I actually don’t need that praise sir. Not about me. The issue is about a demand for the “HOW” on every PROMISE  #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso &this INSULT of CHOICE based on PROMISES without the HOWs has gone on for DECADES UNCHALLENGED. It’s now TIME #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @Victoroyefeso I consider it an INSULT for ANYONE to EXPECT ANY NIGERIAN to make a CHOICE based on ZERO-TALK on the “HOWs” #SoriyanChats

Raphael Chukwu ‏@ralphchuksng: @olakunlesoriyan The “HOW” has never been addressed in Nigerian politics.

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @ralphchuksng Sound Point!! And this is where the conversation should be. VOTING is NOT the AUTHOR of PEACE. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @ralphchuksng CANDIDATES on ALL FRONTS must LEAD the CONVERSATIONS about the “HOWs” if there is SERIOUS INTEREST in my VOTE #SoriyanChats

Pam zake ‏@pamabueenamhe: #SoriyanChats True we also need to be careful not to get ourselves mackled in any Corrupt practices pray for Nigeria

Babalola Emmanuel ‏@PtsAbe: @olakunlesoriyan true yan mentor.#SoriyanChats


Babalola Emmanuel ‏@PtsAbe: @olakunlesoriyan sir, the truth is none of d candidate is worthy of my vote since the choice is between bad and worse or worse and worst

Youngichu ‏@youngichu: @PtsAbe @olakunlesoriyan that is the point. In between the devil and the deep red sea. What shall we do and what can be done?

Pam zake ‏@pamabueenamhe: #SoriyanChats I am paraniod right now the way things are going made Gods peace be upon Nigeria

Pam zake ‏@pamabueenamhe: #SoriyanChats The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing Edward Burke. This is the Nigeria situation


Esohe Osinoiki ‏@airsawhair: @olakunlesoriyan Hello sir. What should we bear in mind when choosing the proper candidate for this election? #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: Our FOCUS in this ELECTION should NOT just be about who can FIX the ECONOMY…but about who can KEEP the NATION TOGETHER #SoriyanChats

Esohe Osinoiki ‏@airsawhair: @olakunlesoriyan Sir do you think a nation ‘togeda’ where many of d ppl are being killed and d leader can’t defend them is actually togeda?

Esohe Osinoiki ‏@airsawhair: @olakunlesoriyan I think our problem goes way beyond someone who can keep us togeda. We need to atleast be safe before we talk of togedaness

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @airsawhair I understand your anxiety and i fully empathise. But the RESOLVE to be TOGETHER will address our SAFETY #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @airsawhair To be together is CRITICAL or VOTING is WASTE. VOTE is a SEED & NIGERIA must EXIST 4 our vote to have a HARVEST. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: For SOCIETY, the DECISION & RESOLVE to STAY TOGETHER against all odds is as IMPORTANT as COMMITMENT to (cont) 


Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan I am of the opinion that it takes a truly educated and liberated mind to understand and see … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn Which means we have a lot TO DO! #SoriyanChats

 Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan…that brings about the disparity in subject of discussion we often witness when it comes to … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn The PEOPLE however are more vital to this experience. This is the work: ELIMINATING MASS-IGNORANCE, FEAR and OPACITY. #SoriyanChats

 Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan yes, change is a science…it is about designing a robust algorithms to fix the age long … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn We need the “HOWs” to the experience of these promises. NO CANDIDATE should actually make ANY VOTER demand for this! #SoriyanChats

Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan you don’t give what you don’t have…it is when you have a pathway to achieving a goal that … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn and this is sadly true…#SoriyanChats

Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan yes,change is a science…it is about designing a robust algorithms to fix the age long … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn We need the “HOWs” to the experience of these promises. NO CANDIDATE should actually make ANY VOTER demand for this! #SoriyanChats

Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan Nigeria politics is not matured when it comes to proffering practical solutions to … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn You are correct. And the INSTRUMENTS of MATURITY must be DEMANDED by those who KNOW. CHANGE is SCIENCE, NOT a WISH. #SoriyanChats

Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan I think we are witnessing birth of a new Nigeria irrespective of the direction it goes … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: @anytorn I agree with you. #SoriyanChats

Enitan-beths&davids ‏@anytorn: @olakunlesoriyan Sir, we are a long way to our destination…because we are in a society that celebrates … 

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: See…CHANGE is a SCIENCE…not a WISH! CHANGE is METHODICAL. The “HOWs” of the PROMISES are as CRITICAL as the CHANGE #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: CHANGE AGENTS EVERYWHERE must DEMAND that the “HOWs”&”WHYs” should come with EACH PROMISE on the MANIFESTO. It is ONLY NOBLE. #SoriyanChats

Olakunle Soriyan ‏@olakunlesoriyan: Thank you all for JOINING the hashtag #SoriyanChats. Meet you on the NEXT ONE. GOD BLESS our GREAT NATION. NIGERIA will WIN #SoriyanChats

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