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EyeVerify – A New Level of Security

If you are like me, then you will love this invention. Every day, man is working tirelessly to improve the standard of living and eliminate cumbersome processes. And this invention is definitely one of such. It’s called EyeVerify.

With this new technology, you don’t have to remember all your passwords. You can now use your brain for storing other important details, as all you need to log in to your account(s) are the very veins in your eyes. Yep! You sure read that right…the veins in your eyes. eyeverify_eyeprintworks_pptx1

With the sudden rise in hacking and internet fraud, people are looking for better ways to secure personal/confidential details and make accessing of accounts more secured and more difficult to hack. And one major way that seems to be able to deliver this level of security is the use of biometrics.

Now, every human being has unique set of veins in the white of their eyes…even identical twins. So with EyeVerify, all you need to do on your smartphone is look into the camera lens of your phone and the software will register your eyes and log you in. Isn’t that just great?!


A group of students at the University of Liverpool, UK are attempting to break the world record for the fastest human powered vehicle using a bicycle. This bicycle is said to be able to travel at a speed of 90MPH. The capsule shaped bicycle designed by the University of Liverpool Velocipede Team [ULV Team] is called Arion1.

Currently, a Dutch team holds the world speed record of 83.13mph but the ULV team from Liverpool hope to beat this challenge at this year’s competition.

It is indeed amazing how technology is fast changing in our life time. Soon the regular bicycles would be moved into extinction and more sophisticated ones would become the norm. Couple biking

How the Arion1 Velocipede Works

To achieve the desired speed, the rider, who will be seated just 5 inches (13 cm) from the floor, will need to get their legs pumping to generate over 700 W of power, which the team points out is enough power to light the average UK home. The power will be delivered to the wheels via a transmission system with a gear ratio of 17:1, as compared to the gear ratio of 4:1 found on a standard bicycle. (

For the windscreen, instead of a transparent one, the ULV team is working on designing and installing a camera and monitor system that will allow the rider see where they are going. The monitor system is designed to not only reduce aerodynamic drag but also allow the rider’s head remain in the optimum riding position.

The Arion1 is said to weigh less than 55 lb. (25 kg) and will be released May 2015.


This invention will surely be a delight to chefs around the world, or just regular people who love to grill.

The Lynx Smart Grill unlike other grills works with voice recognition technology to cook food based on the user’s command. The way it works is that, you tell the grill what you want to cook and it will fetch the timing, technique/recipe from an existing online database. It even takes it a step further by telling you exactly where on the grill to place your food. And when the food is done or it is time to flip it to the other side, it will send you a message. There is still however the option for manual grilling, if you prefer the old fashion method. lynx-smart-grill

Officially called the Lynx Concept Grill, this grill incorporates voice recognition, online notification and seamless user interface to bring grilling into the 21st century. Some interesting aspects of this grill are that it remembers your method of cooking and you can simply ask it to cook your meal the same way. It also goes off after 30 minutes of not hearing any further instruction, so in case you somehow forget your food in it, you needn’t worry about the grill catching fire and burning down your house. How cool is that? 🙂


We have at different times looked at different inventions or future inventions and we have seen varying innovations that have blown us away. The invention we shall be exploring today, though not yet in use but has been unveiled as a work in progress is the WINDOWLESS AIRPLANE.

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has designed this concept and estimates that these should be flying our airspace in about 10years. The idea is to replace the windows currently existing with full length OLED screens that allow passengers to experience panoramic views of their journey that will be captured by exterior cameras on the plane. This feature is said to also provide passengers with access to the internet (yaaaaay!!!) and in-flight entertainment. 263180_5_800

According to an estimation done by CPI, over 3 million people are said to fly annually, which in turn translates to over 200,000 gallons of fuel being used. This new design is intended to not only reduce the weight of the aircraft but also reduce the cost of flying for air travellers and even for the airline as well.

Windowless-plane-_466In the words of Matthew Herbert, the marketing manager for CPI, “Removing the windows will significantly reduce the weight of the aircraft, saving fuel and therefore reducing operational costs.”

With innovations like this, the human race is greatly advancing and changing the world as we know it. We as Africans must therefore be ready to embrace the changes and advance with the rest of the world.

Quism Interactive Cooking Platform

Every new day gives birth to one new gadget or device that attempts to better the lives of humans. Technology is evolving ever so quickly these days and as Africans, we need to shape up and move with the tide or get left behind.

Right now, another innovation has added itself to the list of great inventions. We are talking about the Quism interactive cooking platform from Team Synergy. This device is a more or less an upgrade of the kitchen as we know it. It allows users to travel away from home and still have the ability to cook and dine with family members through amazing features like tele-cooking, tele-dinning and sharing of recipes. Quism

This immediately discards the worry of being away from the family for too long as now; you can be away physically and still be present at dinner time. Another great feature of this system is that it uses dehumidifier technology to generate its own water reservoir.

With technology such as this, it is almost impossible then for people to use the excuse of being away on a trip to abandon their home and family obligations.


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